Solar Trailer for Communications, Cameras, and Lighting

NuSpectra has towable solar server platforms that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Providing continuous power for servers, cameras, communications, lighting, remote monitoring and much more.

Choose from pre-made or custom built solutions. Choose your own colors, accessories, and server options, or get a "bare-bones" model.



  • Clean, green, quiet solar power
  • Continuous operation
  • Can handle multiple cloudy days
  • Long life LED lights
  • No engine/generator maintenance
  • Automatic unattended operation
  • Remote power management

Typical Uses

  • Night time operations
  • Remote communications
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Remote Webcam Platform
  • Construction and work sites (airports, mining, etc.)

Electrical Specifications

  • 4 300 watt solar panels
  • 8 150AH/12V sealed lead acid batteries
  • 24VDC output
  • 30 hour working time
  • 1.5KV 120VAC sine wave inverter
  • 4 adjustable long life 100 watt LED lights

Standard Networking Equipment

  • 19 inch server rack
  • Ethernet switch
  • POE Injector(s) as required for equipment
  • Web-accessible voltage, temperature and current sensor
  • 2 Data cables and 3 accessory 12AGW wires to top of mast
  • 8 web/script controlled 120V outlets with auto-ping/reboot

Physical Specifications

  • 2600 pounds
  • 30' telescoping mast (standard)
  • All steel and aluminum construction
  • 8.6' x 8.2' x 6.4' (LxWxH)

Optional Equipment

  • Point-to-point radios
  • Construction Security Camera Package
  • Back up diesel power
  • Cellular, WISP, or satellite internet
  • Wide range of IP cameras and security
  • Remote sensing and alarm equipment
  • Additional wind, solar, or genset power
  • Wind-turbine (see image to right)
  • Traffic monitoring equipment
  • Digital road signs

Our systems are built for remote power, communications, lighting, and security.

Sample Configuration for Remote Security

  • Communications (cellular, wireless, satellite, or etc.)
  • 8 Channel NVR at 1080p
  • GPS Location Transmitter
  • 4 Wireless Alarm sensors (for toolboxes, doors)
  • 2 PTZ megapixel Cameras with IR
  • 2 Fixed 2.0 megapixel cameras
  • Site-wide WIFI support

Call 877-PAN-TILT for more details, check stock, or request a price quote. We can customize these to your needs.