Network Camera Sales

We carry several lines of high-quality Pan/Tilt/Zoom and Megapixel cameras. We know the products inside out and can give unsurpassed service and support. Call us before buying any network camera.

We focus on construction, museums, resorts, road and traffic safety, and business markets.

Web Camera Hosting

Our hosting can help you stream your webcam to a wider audience using our camera hardware or your existing IP camera. Our hosting software is used by Universities, ski resorts, hotels, museums, marinas, transit authorities, and many more. We have been providing webcam services since 1995.


Remote Communications

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can help design a system for remote access. We can help you design and build a complete system in just about any location. With remote power (solar or generators) and advanced wireless and cellular communications, we specialize in getting you connected.

Custom Networking and Camera Solutions

NuSpectra has been writing custom camera software since 1992. Since that time we have developed outstanding software for our clients. We can help integrate a camera into your web page, application, or appliance. Examples of our work include automated Pan/Tilt/Zoom control, automatic panorama capture, image uploading, timelapse and realtime recording, transcoding, and much much more.